Pneumatic components


We manufacture a comprehensive range of proprietary pumps, no-leak valves and connectors.  These can be used with the air cells and other low-pressure applications where pressure integrity is important. Our 2- and 3-valve assemblies are intended for applications that utilise more than one air cell or chamber. Our pneumatic system configurations are flexible to meet your needs.  The pumps can be attached directly to the valves, or connected discreetly and conveniently elsewhere in the system.  We also supply T- and L-connectors, hoses, and clips that are ideal for tube routing and for easy clip-on pump access. 


Air Cell Pump - Round Inflation Bulb

Round Inflation Bulb with Spring loaded Non Return Valve


Air Cell Pump - Flat Inflation Bulb

Flat Sided Inflation Bulb with Spring Loaded Non Return Valve


Air Cell Pump - Triple Double Shut Off Valve

This multi-valve and pump assembly allows each of three air channels to be independently locked off allowing different air pressures in specific air cells to maximise comfort and support.  It is ideal for use with a combination of lumbar, thoracic, seat and head rest cushions.


Pump - Electric Powered Pressure

The electric powered inflation pump is ideal for our air cells in static environments such as armchairs and hospital beds, or in vehicles from speedboats to mining trucks.  It comes in both AC and DC models, as well as battery powered.