Seat air cells for lower spine support


Our patented seat air cell provides comfortable, stress free sitting with a gentle layer of air that helps eliminate pressure points. The cell pressure varies with the user's movements, redistributing air within the cell to provide additional support. This air cell uniquely enhances posture by pro-actively encouraging straightening of the spine, promoting better back health.   The responsive seat air cells are included in certified ergonomic products by the German National Association of Back Specialists (iGR).


These cells are particularly suitable for office chairs, specialised seating, and other types of chair.  We offer pump-up, self-inflating, or permanently inflated cells with a variety of internal fillings.  We manufacture shapes and sizes, with or without coccyx cut-outs, to meet your custom requirements. 

Self-inflating responsive seat air cell

This self-inflating, foam filled seat air cell has adjustable pressure levels to enhance user comfort.  The level of pressure can be adjusted easily and quickly to suit the user at the touch of an air-release button, which we can design in to the side or bottom of the seat base..


Pump-up responsive seat air cell

This air cell has adjustable pressure levels to improve user comfort, with the support coming from the air layer.  It can be used with any of our pneumatic systems.


Permanently inflated responsive seat air cell

This is a permanently inflated, foam filled version of the responsive seat air cell.  This version of the seat cell is also available as a simple sealed seat base without the responsive air flow.